In the beginning

The windmill was built in 1813, and though it has been repaired since then and parts rebuilt the present-day structure looks much the same as it always has. 

It was constructed by and for a group of farmers in the parishes of Fenton, North Leverton, Habblesthorpe and Sturton-le-Steeple. Five people were instrumental in the building programme, William Rogers, William Ellis, William Ashton, John Bower and Thomas Olivant. 

These family names are still familiar to people who live in the area today.

Reaching new heights

Originally the windmill was built with a lower tower to enable the common sails to have the cloth put on from the ground. A major refit in 1884 lifted the tower several feet, and new patent sails were fitted.

Modern day history..

A subscription mill company was formed, and this lasted until 1956 when it was replaced by a limited company. By the original agreement, the mill was to grind corn not only for the members of the company, but also for other farmers and industrious poor persons, at a fee decided upon by the directors. A charitable trust has been established to ensure that the mill survives for future generations to enjoy.